The Tobsil

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    en In the heart of the medina, in a beautiful old house with a court and you will discover the Tobsil. Shock traditional kitchen Gnawa, all in an intimate setting for the "heads up" to the candle. Christine Rio has announced that the owners of the services of another woman in the fields: Mountassamim Fatima, the courts have often Marrakchis.
    Jemaa El Fna Square
    adj. Moroccan, belonging or pertaining to Morocco (kingdom in northwest Africa), of Morocco
    nm. Moroccan, resident of Morocco (kingdom in northwest Africa)
    nf. chimney, fireplace; hearth, stack; vent, well
    v. walk alone, plod
    nf. air conditioning
    Reservation recommended
    Romantic restaurant
    Held correct

    Contact: Tel: +212 5 24 44 40 52
    Fax: +212 5 24 44 35 15

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    Address : Christine Rio
    22, Derb Moulay Abdellah - Ben Hassaien
    Bab Ksour R'mila
    40000 Marrakech
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